Yuuki Mokuya
Yuuki Mokuya

Moloch / Molech


“Demon wetted by tears of mother and children’s blood”

Male god worshiped in the ancient Middle East.

Even among the gods who seeks sacrifice to human beings, he has a cruel nature.

The sacrifice to be offered to him is a human neonate and a young child, they are burned alive.






There were seven shelves on the altar of the sacrifice of Moloch.
Flour,rufous turtledove,ewe,nunny goat,calf,cow, and human newborn and young children were dedicated to each.

Both newborn babies and young children who are sacrificed are said to be the first child of those who succeed to the kingship.
In the sacrifice ceremony, a tremendous sound of cymbals, trumpets, drums sounds, which is supposed to drown out the child’s cry.

In the people of Israel this god was regarded as a pagan god to avoid.

The original name is moloch, but the same vowel as “bosheth” meaning “shame” in Hebrew is applied and common to call it molech.





元来の名はmoloch(モロク)であるが、ヘブライ語で恥を意味するbosheth(ボシェト) と同じ母音をあて、molech(モレク)と呼ぶのが一般的であった。

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